Lego Battle for Ninjago City

Defend the awesome Ninjago Temple against OverLord attacks!

Lego Blaster Bike

Fold out the rapid shooters and take down the Ghost Dragon!

Lego Destructoid

Help Zane to escape the mighty mech arms and weapons of the Destructoid!

Lego Titanium Dragon

Ride to freedom on the Titanium Dragon!

Lego Boulder Blaster

Break out of the caves with Cole in the Boulder Blaster!

Lego Condrai Copter Attack

Can Chen net Skylor with the Condrai Copter?

Lego Ninja DB X

Stage the ultimate battle against Pythor and his Anacondrai army!

Lego Titan Mech Battle

Take on the mighty Mech-enstein with Zane’s Titan Mech!

Lego Ronin R.E.X.

Soar into aerial battle with Ronin’s 2-in-1 R.E.X.!

Lego Jay Walker One

Beat the Ghost Ninja to the Aeroblade in Jay Walker One!